Judith Creed Art Original Paintings


About Judy

Judith Creed, ARTIST!

How did I get here — to this place I never saw for myself?

I was a businesswoman, a Speech Pathologist, a film maker, a mother, a grandmother, I created a non-profit for developmentally disabled young adults (JCHAI)— I even own a patent.
But one day, when I was 73 years old, a friend suggested that I take a painting class at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (PAFA). I was reluctant. I had no inclination.

One class taken, and there it was!! Just like that! My personal missing piece. I was instantly struck with the wonder of the process of putting color on canvas and making shapes. I loved all the colors I could mix and change and make my own. It made my heart beat faster.

Commissions taken upon request

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